Iterating the Eschaton

From the introduction to Godwatcher’s Journal, Spring 8072 edition: The cold red deserts of Meridia IV, Imperial reserve world, are no more. Now there is only the Transcend’s latest experimental station: the Meridia IV Center for the Advancement of Ecological … Continue reading

Time Travelers Strictly Crypto

PROTOCOL OROELLE BLUESHIFT FRATERNAL UNCLASSIFIED (INFRARED) FOR PUBLIC RELEASE SUMMARY: A protocol to verify the identify and whenwhere of purported time-travelers from future dates, claiming to be about Imperial business. PROCEDURE: Secure from the purported time-traveler his Oroelle-block verification code … Continue reading

The Guardians of Our Harmony

So, you wanted to know about the Guardians of Our Harmony? They’re the thought police. Well, okay, not like that. That’s what paranoid outworlders would say, but really, they’re more like the thought paramedics. There’s a quotation from their ur-founder which I … Continue reading