Apologies… and Not-My-Fic

…to all, and especially my Patreon patrons, for the dearth of fictional content over the last couple of weeks. I can only plead, as those of you who also follow me on Google+ will know, the saga of my ongoing computer issues – which both make it somewhat harder to write, per se, and also make my muse disappear to avoid the sour mental taste of extreme frustration.

Hopefully it will be done in a week or two, as I should have a tech coming tomorrow to perform the magic third futile gesture before they give up and replace the thing.

Anyway…¬†for good reading in the meantime, let me commend this shiny nanofic here, from Raymond McVay of Blue Max Studios, to your attention.

Delayed by Plague

I must apologize once again that the fic-a-day posting will be delayed by a gap of one, two, or a couple of days, as as is an unfortunate springtime tradition, I appear to have contracted some variety of Death Plague, which has a regrettable disabling effect on my creative faculties.

That is, unless you really enjoy stories about mucus.

In any case, while the posting is delayed, it will not be reduced in number; as previously, I shall catch right up with the schedule as soon as I am no longer mostly wanting to lie down in a darkened room and bleed slowly out of the eyeballs.