Book Status Update: The Core War and Other Stories

So, um… we found a couple of minor formatting glitches in the released e-book version (the printed version is fine) of The Core War and Other Stories.

They’re now fixed in the current download, but if you have purchased a copy before now, please be assured that you’ll also receive the fixed version (or the option to download the fixed version) within a week or so; we just have to wait for the wheels of Amazon’s update review process to grind to completion. Sorry about that, and I hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of the book.

(Those of you who have received the Patreon version of the book need not be concerned; you have the updated version.)

Gentlesophs and Adjuncts, We Have Manuscript!

Oh yes, oh my, oh my, oh yes.

Pages: 389.
Words: 98,213.

So, now that the content is ready, what else is there to do:

Cover art: moving along nicely, should be ready soon.
Permissions: waiting for.
Blurb: need to write that.
Cover: can’t do that yet.
Submission to Amazon: can’t do that yet either.
E-book formatting: can do that next.
Submission of that to Amazon: can’t do that yet.
Set on-sale date and such: can’t do that yet.
Party like it’s 2015 and I just wrote a book: probably shouldn’t do that yet.
Write next one…

Editing Status Four

First-pass: 400 pages (complete).

Second-pass: ~160 pages.

Formatting: 75 pages.

Cover art: aaaaaaaaaaa!

(Which is to say, man, I wish I hadn’t planned the release of this book during the slowest time of this business year, in which I can’t squeeze stock photography out of the budget, never mind commissioning custom art of the Drake-class frigate.

Whose deck layout I am still sketching out this morning, because… well, maybe someday.)

And So It Begins

…a short quieter-than-normal season.


That’s good news! Because it means that hundreds of pages of fiction are being pored over by myself and my lovely editor, so that we can bring you Tales of the Associated Worlds: Volume II! (In e-book and book forms, the former of which all Patreon patrons receive by virtue of their gracious patronage.)

But it will mean a brief slow-down in the rate of fic production here on the blog while we edit and format and say “argh, what about cover art? aaaargh!”, so please bear with me while that all gets done.

English and English

As you may be aware, while I live in the US now, I’m originally from the UK.  As such, part of the editing process we’re currently going through here is checking carefully through the manuscript for the occasional British English spelling that may have slipped through my ongoing process of acculturation.

With one exception.

See, “humor” and “honor” and “color” look right to me, now.  Ending words with “-ize”?  No problem!  Single-ell “traveler” and double-ell “skillful”, “-er”-ing my “-re”s, all now acquired habits.  I can even deal with “maneuver” and “aluminum”, much though my family might disown me for it.

But I just can’t spell it “sulfide”.  Or, indeed, “sulfur”.  Can’t.  Won’t.  The line must be drawn here, because this is the one place where – six years after moving here – our orthography still makes my eyeballs bleed.

So that particular exception is going to be stetted.  I feel no shame.