Meditations on the Aspects of Self (3/3)

(See part 1 here; part 2 here.)

The third triad is that which adheres;
Circle, branch, and name reflect.

The circle stands strong, each multiplying each.
How diminished is the one which lacks
Those for whom it will kill and die.

The branch walks together, hands bound to telos.
By serving a purpose, your purpose is served.
Ten-thousand together may reshape the world.

Above all these, a glorious name;
Honor unstained, deeds of renown.
These buy what wealth, favors and xicé cannot.

The self is not many; the self is one.
With all these together, the circle is closed.

Meditations on the Aspects of Self (2/3)

(See part 1 here.)

The second triad is that closely held;
Lore, wealth, and oaths surround.

Before all else is lore; knowledge of the world.
Unstudied, the greatest powers are impotent;
The wise may split a mountain with one blow.

Next comes wealth: in tools and riches both.
The one extends your reach; the other is potential.
Through these things both your will is done.

More precious still, oath-contracts owned.
The web of obligations binds all hands;
Their holder may wield many as one.

Meditations on the Aspects of Self (1/3)

The self is not one; the self is many.
Aspects within aspects, three and three.

The first triad is that of the body;
Flesh, machine and software in union.

First the flesh, container and interface.
Genes shaped by generations, remade by design;
A vessel crafted to serve the mind.

Next the machine, device and instrument.
Within or without, nanocyte or nanoforge;
Through our tools is our will expressed.

Through software is that will made many;
Agent and partial, fork and derivative.
To master this aspect is to become a verb.