Trope-a-Day: Derelict Graveyard

Derelict Graveyard: Most major planets have one of these in high orbit, somewhere, where old habitats, satellites, starships and other space debris are lashed together in a rough mass of dead hulks waiting to be torn apart and reclaimed, or at least transported elsewhere by tugs for this purpose.  The ultimate destination of most of these in or near the Empire is the wreckyard at Kathar, a planet in the Cilmínár (Imperial Core) system, which plays host to some of the largest recycling facilities around, as well as some of that specialized equipment mentioned in Landfill Beyond the Stars.

Putting the Tramp in Trader

“It’s a steel box.”

“It’s a fully functional – well, mostly functional, but all primary systems are functional – Hariven-class free trader.  Just what you want when you’re starting out in this business.”

“It’s a steel box with a plasma torch welded on the back.”

“And a generous cargo capacity for its displacement, regenerative life support, ah – adequate crew quarters and food vats, and docking room for a single surface-orbit shuttle.”

“And it’s –”

“– a steel box, yes.  If you wanted to pay for stylish, would you be shopping for starships in a wreckyard?”

“Show me the contract again.”

– overheard in Kathar orbit, Cilmínár system