Vignettes of the Star Empire

[Eldraeverse #1 Cover]I haz a book!

(As you can see from the addition of the “My Books” tab up above, no doubt.)

And you can find it on Amazon here, for Kindle, right now – over 44,000 words of nanofiction and metafiction from the Associated Worlds SF universe for the modest price of $2.99.

Buy a copy!  Buy ten copies!  Tell your friends, and make them buy ten copies, too!

But, no, seriously.  Vignettes of the Star Empire, the first collection of the nanofiction and metafiction which I’ve been writing (and including a couple of pieces not seen on t’blog) is now available as a Kindle e-book, all edited and polished and in its final canonical form.  For those of you who would prefer a physical book, that one’s not quite ready yet, but should also be available soon.  Not that you should let that stop you from buying an e-book copy too, of course.  Ahem.


Now On Kindle

As another note, this blog is also now available through the Kindle, for those who would prefer to subscribe that way.  You can find it on Amazon, here.

Of course, it’s $0.99 per month rather than free if you subscribe there, but in exchange, you gain more convenient access if you’re a Kindle user, plus the satisfaction of knowing that you’re encouraging this starving writer with the percentage of your almost-a-dollar that comes through to him, so really, it’s a win on both ends.

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