Trope-a-Day: Our Founder

Our Founder: Lots of them in various places, of course, but the several-hundred-foot high statues of Alphas I Amanyr and Seledië III Selequelios that flank the main building of the Imperial Palace are the ur-example of this trope.  (The mountain range to the east of the capital that is slowly being carved into representations of the line of the Empire’s Most Significant Historical Figures would be the largest.)

Trope-a-Day: Deface of the Moon

Deface of the Moon: Monuments are by far the commonest type of this; with small moons, even, sometimes, although far more common are things like carved mountains.  (The minor range to the “east” of Calmirie is the classic example, slowly being carved one mountain at a time into likenesses of particularly notable Imperial Couples, starting with Alphas I and Seledíë III and working on down.)

But it’s not like people with big guns and attitude problems haven’t played this one pretty straight, too…