The Core War and Other Stories

The Core War and Other Stories

I haz another book!

Which you can find for Amazon Kindle here, or in genuine paper form here, 98,000 words of short fiction and novella from the Associated Worlds for the modest prices of $4.99 e, $10.99 paper.

Please buy a copy! Buy several copies and give them to people! Or tell people to buy a copy for themselves – that works, too! (Plusses, reshares, retweets, and other such things of this post are also much appreciated.)

And if you don’t yet have a copy of my first book, Vignettes of the Star Empire, there will be some news tomorrow that may interest you…



No, that’s not going to be today’s letter “F” piece. Well, probably not.

But it does mean that the proofs are proofed, the cover is made, the prices are priced, the checks are checked, all systems are go, all lights are green, and as soon as I double-check a couple of final points, The Core War and Other Stories is go for launch.

Are we excited yet?

And So It Begins

…a short quieter-than-normal season.


That’s good news! Because it means that hundreds of pages of fiction are being pored over by myself and my lovely editor, so that we can bring you Tales of the Associated Worlds: Volume II! (In e-book and book forms, the former of which all Patreon patrons receive by virtue of their gracious patronage.)

But it will mean a brief slow-down in the rate of fic production here on the blog while we edit and format and say “argh, what about cover art? aaaargh!”, so please bear with me while that all gets done.