The Seal of Quality


I have completed the investigation of the quality control incident of last month with regard to various varietals of our pleasure fruit on sale in the Chonsey Provinces.

It would appear that one of the local suppliers chosen to produce these varietals took it upon themselves (in direct defiance of our Better Product mandate) to dope the pleasure fruit produced with anticompetitive sequesterands targeted at the hedonic products of competing organizations. This led to various customers becoming unable to consume said products, in many cases without suffering severe side effects.

These customers have been informed of the reason for these events, and compensated accordingly for past harms done. Discounted access to our products has also been offered in the interests of goodwill.

Internally, OP1 in this constellation was deemed to be guilty of only minor negligence, and has been informed of a cut in his percentages. A formal reprimand has been placed in his file.

As per standard procedure for handling supply of known-contaminated goods, our contract, and the supplier, have been terminated.

Awaiting further instructions,

SOP Bluesteel

– archived from the Chonsey Provinces Eldinimieuthunimis darknet

Trope-a-Day: Wretched Hive

Wretched Hive: The planet Nepscia (Galith Waste) is the canonical example.  Its primary inhabited portion is one large red market – which is to say, it’s one giant bastardized offspring of Jackson’s Whole and Tortuga.  It’s a… fun place to visit in the right frame of mind – but go armed, more armed, and even more armed, carry and use liberally your poison and drug detectors, and take plenty of bribe money.

In a less-physical place sense, go take a look at some of the virtualities, data havens, archives and memeweaves in the filthier parts of the extranet or outright blacknets sometime, too, huh?  Just be sure to have a good virus checker.  For your brain.

(For my fellow Effectors of Mass: Not, however, like Omega.  Most of Nepscia’s population outside the cream of the ruthless kleptarch set would love to move somewhere as orderly and well-run as Omega, or failing that, spend all their days praying for someone like Aria T’Loak to move in and, if not clean the place up, at least keep the dirt from splashing around so much.)