There are those who accuse Mer Vadális Exoarchaeological University of being home to, if not infested with, one of the Starfall Arc’s greatest collections of adventurers, looters, graverobbers, smugglers, treasure-hunters, weirdseekers, and other scoundrels of like nature. It is my honor to assure them that they are understating the case.

Morrí Elarios, 7th Chancellor of the University

The Other Dismal Science

“Good morning, ye earnest seekers of wisdom. I am Reader Olíäth Rian, and I am your primary instructor for this class. Welcome to EX0487, Introduction to the Exosophontology of Mass Coercion. For our foreign students who are now looking confused, you may have seen this class listed under ‘political science’, and you may be in the right place. I shall return to that in a moment.

“It is, I believe, customary at this point to emphasize both that I, and my colleagues, will do everything we can to help you become your absolute best and master the material contained within this course, and yet that should you fail to do so, we will nonetheless crush your hopes mercilessly in the best interests of this institution’s reputation and that of its successful graduates. Since this is a second-level course, however, let us take that as read.

“Before we begin, there is often some confusion concerning precisely what this course is among those, shall we say, less familiar with the local organization of knowledge. Here’s what this class is not: if you want to learn how to run governances, administration is the purview of the Thousand Wisdoms Academy, civil engineering is held in the Cog, the law is on its own subcampus, and so on, and so on. If you’re here to talk, everything from negotiation to manipulation and sophont relations is taught in the applied memetics building; back out the front door, turn left, you can’t miss it — they make sure of that in a first-semester class project every year. And the Imperial War College isn’t on this planet. Meanwhile, if you want to serve your fellow soph, we have an entire business school devoted to that.”

“What it is is a detailed sophontological and sociomemetic study of the techniques used to induce in large populations – from the obvious primal fear, envy, self-righteousness, mistrust, and suchlike to the more philosophically advanced – a belief in self-appointed authorities and their ethical exemptionalism. Or, as one of last year’s outworld students put it rather pithily, ‘how to make people sell themselves into serfdom and pay for the privilege’.

“Now, let me address those few of our students who are – there are always a few – looking at turning our lessons here around into their very own dictator-in-a-box kit. Look to your left. Look to your right. Look to the docuspheres which are even now streaming this lecture to our off-campus students and everyone auditing the class over the extranet. Consider how hopelessly outnumbered you are by the people who are about to learn all the same tricks as you. Good luck. You’re going to need it.

“And finally, before we get started, there is an academic certamen component to this course, so would those students, foreign or otherwise, who have some political theory to defend already go ahead and light up… Now that’s not all of you. Don’t be shy now – you knew when you applied that we treat argument as a blood sport hereabouts.”

– Reader Olíäth Rian welcomes the class of 7240

Potayto, Potahto

“While the Imperial University of Calmiríë does have an academically excellent and thorough program in political science (or, as its introductory course is listed in the 7930 catalog, EX0487: Introduction to the Exosophontology of Mass Coercion), prospective students should be aware that it is taught very much from the perspective of ‘the history, sophontology, and praxis of rationalizing ethical exemptionalism’. Those students from abroad who do not already have that particular smirk will assuredly either acquire it or grow very tired of it over their course of study, and as such, we cannot recommend it to those preferring a more conventional approach, especially since those considering their qualifications in the future are likely to be aware of the nature of the course.”

– Student’s Helper: Considering Studying Abroad?,
pub. 7932, League of Meridian



ISSUE: 2242/04/216

Speculative Edubanking Certificates

Issued by Súlíän & Daughters Personal Securitization, Pty.,

for and on behalf of

Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle

The Speculative Edubanking Certificates offered hereby represent beneficial option interests in future income of the subject, Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle. Realized funds from purchases of these securities will be used to fund on a 75/100 basis attainment of an Academician-level degree in Hydrodynamic Engineering by the subject, Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle; repayment will commence six years and one day post IPO, to an amount consisting of 25% of the post-expenses contractual income of the subject (refer to appended actuarial tables, Appendix B, for expected investor yield) for a period of twelve years.

Supervisory interest for the assurance of fiduciary behavior on the part of the subject, Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle, on behalf of the investors, is vested in Súlíän & Daughters Personal Securitization, Pty., and administered on their behalf by Korris Hearthtender Optimal Choices, ICC and Initiatives of said organization.

In the event of involuntary default the tort insurer of the subject, Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle, Smooth Flow Underwriting, ICC, has agreed to recompense the principal of all investors (refer to appended agreement, Appendix C); in the event of voluntary default, the burden of default lies with the subject and investors may wish to hedge accordingly. For this purpose:

These securities have been rated AA by Tinth Investor Protection, ICC.
These securities have been rated A+ by Ilythir Oversight & Certification, ICC.

These certificates are offered for sale and subsequent public trade by Marblyngrad Securities Exchange, subject to issuance by Súlíän & Daughters Personal Securitization, Pty., subject to prior withdrawal of the offer with or without notice, when, as, and if delivered to and accepted by the Exchange. It is expected that the certificates will be available for delivery in printed, registered, and sealed form at the Exchange Central Office on or about 2242/05/01.

One quarter of the certificates to be issued have been pre-allocated to the membership of the Marblyngrad Watermen’s Fellowship under their existing reciprocal sponsorship program.

(Note: this summary does not contain complete information about the Speculative Edubanking Certificates or the subject of this issue: for further information, please contact the Exchange Central Office for full details of this class of security and for a complete personal information statement and declaration as issued by the subject, Cathál Rian-ith-Ríëlle.)

Opening bids are invited from the date of issuance of this offering.