You Can Be More!

“From the flint axe to the mass driver; from the waterwheel to the tamed singularity; from the hand-cart to the starship; from the potter’s wheel to the cornucopia; from the abacus to sophont AI; from death to immortality – Worlds’ Rim Development will take you there!”

“Let our centuries of experience ease your burgeoning civilization through the difficult period of adaptation to galactic society and technology.  We can select the set of technologies that is right for you, help open your world to trade or interaction with drastically reduced risk of economic failure, and perform memetic campaigns to gently introduce your populace to galactic civilization and soothe the pains of xenophobia, neophobia, and social transition stress – and continue guiding you through the singularities that are to come.  With a Worlds’ Rim civilization-uplift package, your planet can join the Core Cultural and Economic Zones in no more than three generations!”

“We claim a success rate of over 81%, and a terminal failure rate of less than 3%.  Doesn’t your planet deserve the Worlds’ Rim touch?”

“(Successful cultural uplift not guaranteed.  No warranty made against the actions of local bellatrists, kleptarchs, or autocrats.  Full cooperation is required for a successful civilization-uplift program.  Acceptance of your application is contingent upon WRD sociodynamic assessment.)”

– Worlds’ Rim Development, ICC, interactive advertisement