Elsewhere in the Worlds

“A consortium of trailing star nations, most significantly including the United Viridian States, the Wylene Republics, and the World Assembly of Sarine, today issued a condemnation of several of the free educational mnemonetic downloads and simulation spaces produced by the Agalmic Education Foundation for the pre-adult market. Those modules condemned include those covering the fields of biology, biotechnology, robotics, nanorobotics, and sophotechnology, the consortium claiming that their independent memetic analysis revealed heavy non-content meme payloads promoting otiosity, post-sophont transcendence, and ‘the Empire’s techno-gnostic imperialism’

“When asked to comment, Vianne Beldene of the Foundation issued an official statement, reading: ‘What the bloodshits is techno-gnostic imperialism? We might be entirely happy to remove it if our critics could take the trouble to define it for us.'”

– from the Imperial Infoclast