Trope-a-Day: New Neo City

New Neo City: Averted, at least within the Empire.  While people are, of course, free to call their cities, estates, habitats, moons, etc., anything they feel like, the Imperial Grand Survey find this trope incredibly annoying – especially predicting how meta this could get looking into the deep future – and flat-out refuse to put any New Neo Names on the maps.  Period.

2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: New Neo City

    • Oh, yes. Also the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains…

      (Well, as best they can. There’s a degree of purism that even they might find unreasonable, I suspect, and where genuine archaisms and their languages are concerned, they might well hand out an indulgence or two to the odd “Torpenhow Hill” on the grounds of extended use.

      But there’s no way one can muck up two well-known and current languages into “the La Brea Tar Pits” without sounding like an idiot, so that sort of thing’s going down…)

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