Trope-a-Day: One Federation Limit

One Federation Limit: Averted.  In addition to the Empire of the Star, there is also the Temporary Empire, the Seventy World Empire, and so forth, including several Imperiums.  In addition to the Voniensa Republic, there’s the Quave Republic.  There’s the Blue-Green Federation, Vissevu Federation, and several other Federations and Confederations.  There are also multiple Leagues, Accords, Concords/Concordats/Concordiums, several Corporates, Combines, and at least one Syndicracy, and a number of Free Zones, Cooperations, Primacies, Unions, Exarchies, Assemblies, Alliances, Pacts, Spheres, and Commonwealths.  Among others which, so far, are singular in my conception of the Worlds.  (And for the Atlas Shrugged readers among us, precisely one People’s State, which is – or was, post-Core War – exactly the kind of hellish abortion of a governance you’d expect it to be from the name.)