Trope-a-Day: Perfect Pacifist People

Perfect Pacifist People: Brutally, brutally averted.  Any example of this that isn’t an abjectly poor tiny colony in a backwater of nowhere is already dead.  The few counterexamples are only technically pacifist inasmuch as they have a client-state relationship or a  contract with someone like Ultimate Argument Risk Control, ICC, to do their fighting for them and not tell them about it.

(Subverted by people like, say, the Imperials, who live in a comfortable utopia of peace and happiness – self-consciously safeguarded by the Right to Bear Arms (and, occasionally, the right to arm bears), a willingness to shoot down anyone who fails to grasp that initiating violence is disapproved of around here, and a military and militia both that their neighbors would have to be insane to consider starting a war with.)

Pacifism is impractical in a universe with bastards in it.  And it’s a big damn universe.

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