Glossary of Otherwise Known Terms

Reminded of this by a comment on G+, I thought I’d put together a list for y’all of the various terms used here and there in the Eldraeverse for concepts (mostly, but not universally, sciency) that match up to concepts we have here on Earth, but which for various reasons – often involving different discoverers, perspectives, etc. – obviously don’t have the same name.

(A translation table for which, in addition to clarifying, is also helpful in case anyone needs to look something up…)

Herewith, then, is a quick-reference list:

Imperial Terran
aerobic/anaerobic (do not necessarily refer strictly to oxygen *there*)
Ardinan probability Bayesian probability
Atagavia’s Limit the Bekenstein bound
blue-blotch fever
blue-blotch syndrome
radiation sickness
boson1 condensate Bose-Einstein condensate
Callaneth mechanics Newtonian (classical) mechanics
Callaneth’s Lemma2 Newton’s Third Law
Chronological Consistency Protection Theorem
(also Block Universe Theory)
Novikov self-consistency principle, with later quantum-mechanical extensions
clanking replicator Von Neumann machine
classical elements not our four; *there*, the six designated pre-chemistry elements are Air, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, and Stone
consciousness loop Cartesian theater
constellation (refers to clusters of close-linked stargates as well as star patterns)
divided-particle process Penrose process
ecopoesis terraforming
fission cell (small) radiothermal generator
gallé near infrared
gravity well maneuver Oberth effect
Greater Ancíël Whirl the Large Magellanic Cloud
hidden cog (metaphor) invisible hand (likewise)
horizon radiation Hawking radiation
iatropsychics psychiatry (well, sort of)
Indeterminacy Barrier Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Isif Theorem (not proven *here*; a non-constructive proof that P=NP)
ivén low ultraviolet
kernel4 Kerr-Newman black hole (or, rather, specifically the “industrial-grade” kind)
Laras globule Bok globule
Lesser Ancíël Whirl the Small Magellanic Cloud
libration point6 Lagrange point
Lorith cage Faraday cage
Luminal Limit the speed of light
nuclear magnetic resonance imaging5 magnetic resonance imaging
minimum delta transfer Hohmann transfer
nucleonic device/weapon nuclear device/weapon
overweave virtual private network
powercell rechargeable battery7
rainbow glass trinitite (well, created by the same mechanism, but of somewhat different composition)7
sapphireglass transparent ceramic alumina
Senna’s Belt the Kuiper belt
Seredháïc-class ice miner equivalent of a Kuck mosquito
serís high ultraviolet
(the) Shards8 the Oort cloud
slate tablet (computer)
slugthrower gun; not necessarily firearm, but a KE-based projectile weapon
snaplight glow stick
social disease (not a euphemism for an STI; an epidemic toxic meme, rather)
sophont9 person
sophontology anthropology (only less, y’know, racist10)
Stannic cogitator Babbage engine
Stannic-computable Turing computable
Starfall Arc the Milky Way
sunblade a (weaponized) thermal lance
swarmweave flash mob
sweetmilk honeyed yoghurt drink
Sylithandríël’s Daughters hypothesis Gaia hypothesis (Lovelock, et. al.)
Talith Drive Lemma Tsiolkovsky rocket equation
technecology what the Internet of Things wants to be when it grows up
theobrom (fabbed) hot chocolate drink
synthdrink soft drink (although not all of them are)
tessera Planck granularity
Theory of Relativistics Theory of Relativity
Tiráms manifold Calabi-Yau manifold


1. I draw the line at renaming uncapitalized particles. We’ll call that a translation artifact.

2. “No credit for partial answers, maggot!”

3. Okay, so this one doesn’t actually exist on Earth, but the question has come up…

4. Which, yes, I got from Atomic Rockets here – their local etymology is appropriate, though, because their chief usage is as the kernels of stargates and of contraterragenesis plants.

5. Some people aren’t scared of the big bad n-word…

6. Which is also a perfectly valid term *here*, yes, but the point is that they don’t call ’em Lagrange points.

7. Although their version is made of stacked superconducting loops.

8. Metaphorically, the shards of the shattered crystal sphere (theory).

9. Yes, even in relatively common usage.

10. “You humans are all racist!”