Give It Time

This is a little pastiche of Plutarch on Alexander the Great that I hacked together as a brief illustration of attitudinal differences. I like it enough to share it:

“Alphas smiled when he heard from his astronomers that there were billions of worlds in the heavens; and when his friends asked him the cause of his mood, he answered: do you not think it a worthy challenge that there are billions of worlds to conquer, when we have not yet conquered one?”

Synnas Anaxianos, The City and the World


So, there’s some good news and some bad news:

The bad news is that posting may be a wee bit irregular for the next few days.

The good news is that that’s because we’ll be at ConQuesT!

(Well, okay, technically I’m not there wearing my author’s hat, I’m there with Foam on the Range, wearing my soap-company hat. But feel free to stop by and visit in the dealers’ room anyway, and you can pick up some shiny SF-themed soap while you’re there. Or, hey, some shiny regular soap. I ain’t particular on that point.)

Hope to see you there!