Ongoing Rumbles

“…encode status report for immediate transmission to Vonis Prime…from VNS Moderation, Kadash IV…riot control action…fighting broken out in several major cities…operational dues, bank transfer payments and…seized…forces imprisoned planetside…self fired upon by local system defense forces…forced to withdraw…unrest elsewhere in the Shell…request instructions, reinforcements…”

– fragmented communications intercept, received at Tarqil (Crimson Expanse)

“Damn and blast it to heat death. Not yet!

– transparency log excerpt, Republic Affairs Committee, Ministry of State and Outlands


“The fundamental question we must answer before operating is this: are they barbarians because they want to control each other; are they barbarians because they’ve been conditioned to someone’s ownership; or are they barbarians because they have to be controlled? Different diseases have different cures…”

– Cordane Viriaz,
External Rectification & Clarification Ad-Hoc,
architect of operations ICE SHADOW, HIGHWATER MINT, and BRASS DANCER