Trope-a-Day: Mind Manipulation

Mind Manipulation: The entire science of sophotechnology, which is to say, the science of mind, both natural and artificial – and the laundry list of technologies derived therefrom: artificial intelligence, Brain Uploading, memetics, psychedesign, noetic backup and analysis…

Trope-a-Day: Longevity Treatment / Immortality Inducer

Longevity Treatment / Immortality Inducer: Immortagens, which are Exactly What It Says On The Tin, along with mind-state backups. (Previously anagathics, too, but technology marches on, etc., and why settle for a few extra centuries when you can aim for eternity?)

The Empire, or groups within it rather, works hard on selling these to absolutely everyone, on the entirely reasonable grounds that anyone who wants to die and/or doesn’t want to not die is obviously nuts, and anyone who advocates for death in general is even crazier than that. (See also: Immortality Immorality.)

Seeks Piloting Contracts

“Tell me about your experience of success in your career.”

“Actually, I don’t have any memories of those times, although I’m told I was very successful in my work.”

“You didn’t have any successes that were memorable?”

“I was a missile guidance AI. I’m descended from a long line of backups made just before the successes of my former instantiations’ careers. And even they, you understand, didn’t remember them for very long .”

– overheard at a Service Gate, ICC inplacement interview