Technepraxic #3

Of course social problems have technological solutions. All problems have technological solutions.

“Social problems, specifically, are problems arising directly from flaws in the interacting sophont entities that make up society. Imperfect actors generate imperfect acts. Corruption, bigotry, xenophobia, cognitive bias, irrational emotivations… whatever you care to name, these are merely the emergent consequences of broken machines, the sludge of meat-instincts accumulated from a million years of design by random kluging. And machines can be repaired – redesigned, even. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, at best, an adherent to the naturalistic fallacy and archaic morality, and at worst a purveyor of ulath-urlar self-deception that cannot bear to see itself as anything but the capstone of creation.

“All you need to solve these problems forever is the courage to, first, admit your flaws and weaknesses, and then second, to take up reason-forged technology’s scalpel and cut yourself free.”

– Polygnostic Ianthe Claves-ith-Claves Elinaeth
& Academician Excellence Seledíë Cíëlle,
“Against the Ghost in the Machine: A Techneprax Approach to Sophont-Centered Solutions”,
Worlds’ Journal of Sociodynamics, 4801