Then You Will Meet Your Destiny

So, seeing as we’ve recently considered human cultural artifacts that might prove popular in the Eldraeverse after a hypothetical first-contact-real-soon-now, here’s one for you.


Seriously, it fits perfectly, especially thematically. You’ve got the epicity and idealism, the mythopoetry of things (assuming you read the grimoire cards), the clash of Light and Darkness, technology from Near Future Hard right up to the point of Sufficiently Advanced Techno-Miracles (ontological weapons, even!), Blue and Orange Morality, and the definitive proper attitude towards grimdarkness, namely that it exists to be punched in the face with your space-magic fist of doom. Hell, the Traveler’s even a dead ringer for one of the Transcend’s synapse moons.


(Seriously awesome ass-kicking to the tune of Immigrant Song also doesn’t hurt.)

…seriously, if Bungie *there* were to port this to full-immersion virtuality and sell it on the Imperial market – half a trillion copies sold, easy. At minimum.

(And, I sidenote, if you were to imagine a variant of the game set at the shiniest heights of humanity’s Golden Age, that would probably be about as close to an Eldraeverse video game as there could ever be.)

3 thoughts on “Then You Will Meet Your Destiny

  1. Perhaps that world’s Bungie could put in things like a ‘map’, or at least a compass. Let alone the idea that a society, even one as hard-pressed as The Last City, could provide things like flashlights, vision enhancements, or on-board computers that could integrate sensory information to highlight and track enemies, or other things to distinguish it from, say, Battlefield 4.

    All that said, though, I must get back to the Prison of Elders. Those greaves and machine gun won’t win themselves…

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