Theology and Destiny

No, not that destiny.

This Destiny.

Specifically, the Books of Sorrow, the history of the Hive, which you can read on this page here if you scroll right down to the bottom (OBVIOUS WARNING: HORRIFIC SPOILERS LIE THERE.), and in particular VI, XI, XV, XVII, XIX, XXXII, and XLVII seem highly relevant to Flamic theology.

Or anti-theology, rather.

While officially, at least, Entropy has not personification, or cult, or gospel in the Eldraeverse…

If it did, though…

If it did…

It would sound just exactly like that.

2 thoughts on “Theology and Destiny

  1. TTK is so, so good – the stuff after the main storyline just keeps expanding…nearly everything.

    And I feel really bad, now, shooting the Eliksni (Fallen). All they wanted was the Traveller, the ultimate iteration of their Machine Gods…and it seems like the Darkness got to them before it could establish their own Golden Age, and it abandoned them to flee to Sol.

    (This is also a manifestation of my desire to play a Fallen, which I want, really, really badly…)

    • Yes indeed, to all of the above.

      (And I have some hopes for a rapprochement with the Fallen in coming instalments, mostly based around my theory that Variks is the actual subject of all those eliksni prophecies about the Kell of Kells. And Variks is our frrrriend, yes?)

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