Si Vis Pacem, Pacem Fac

They call me a warmonger? Then they are correct. Pacifism in the face of evil is concession to Entropy; therefore I mong war. Therefore it is the policy of this branch to mong war. And therefore we intend to go on monging war until the last tyrant in the universe has been strangled with his own entrails.

…assuming he has entrails.

Senator Akisko Deteis, Imperium Bellipotent, League Systems Newsbytes interview

Notable Replies

  1. “No. If we kill him, we’re no better than him. If we kill him, he wins.”
    “Yeah, except we are better than him and he doesn’t win. He doesn’t anything. He’s dead. That’s the point.”

  2. I just had to laugh at that. “You’re trying that narcissistic gas-lighting bullshit? That if I kill you, I’m going to be just like you? Wrong! I’m going to do the worst thing possible to you-I’m going to kill you and after that I won’t think about you at all. Ever again. Goodbye.”

  3. Avatar for avatar avatar says:

    “Yeah, see, we don’t share your religious convictions that killing is wrong. Or, rather, we do, but our gods were kind enough to include an ‘except for complete arseholes’ clause.”

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