(Probably non-canonical, but my brain cooked it up this morning…)

The theory behind RAZOR CATION is that it is a stylishly thin, ultralight, fully functional pocket slate that just happens to be equipped with a single mollyblade edge – such that you can throw it, have it accelerate through the air towards your target using spin-balance and ionic microthrusters, slice neatly through them, and then return cleanly to you, centrifugally slinging any blood off along the way, on a suitable trajectory to let you catch it one-handed, while catching the light just right to impress or intimidate bystanders.

Unfortunately, the practice is that without some rather obvious nerve-enhancement work and a hardened skin weave, an agent attempting to make use of RAZOR CATION is much more likely to cut their own hand off trying it.

Conclusion: Designer has seen too many InVids. Project terminated.