Necessary Evil

According to my cliodynamic studies, it is the case that a policy of routine intervention to prevent any perversion from blooming is suboptimal, inasmuch as it opens up the possibility for bad actors to work around the Coricál Consensus by performing a broad spectrum of experiments in computational theogeny and observing which ones call down intervention teams.

In addition, the perception that DEMIURGE ERRANT will always be there to prevent disasters and clean up the mess weakens the general perception of the field as extremely hazardous to a point which causes a statistically significant increase in the frequency of attempts leading to perversions.

In short: permitting a small number of idiots to have their brains eaten by their errant creations is indeed the best way to prevent a large number of people, mostly lesser idiots, from having their brains eaten by the greater idiots’ errant creations.

Black Box, advisory archai to the Imperial Security Executive

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  1. As a side note, I’m quite pleased with that name for the “intelligence intelligence”. Intel goes in, analysis and directives come out, and no-one’s cleared to know what happens inside.


  2. "In rebuttal to my honored colleague, we are placed in the position of dealing with potentially fail-deadly threats that allowing any foothold beyond the most minimal could create immediate and threats upon all of existence. We can cite (REDACTED) and (REDACTED), and the current operational requirements under the GOD GAME and CASE NIGHTMARE SIOP, which the Executive has continued to maintain as the minimum operational requirements of this office.

    "We recognize that hostile actors may use broad-spectrum experimentation in an effort to engineer ‘black box’ analysis of responses to possible threats, and use that analysis to determine what threat thresholds are to be experimented on. To this end, it is our recommendation that the threshold for field release of intervention teams be reduced from GOD GAME GREEN to GOD GAME CYAN. The CYAN threshold has long been considered the minimum level of any <50% possibility of a severe Coricál Consensus violation, and a reduction of trigger threshold can only serve as a proactive measure.

    "In addition, we recommend a policy of random intervention, based upon current threat modeling, of any threat in the GOD GAME BLUE and above categories. An increase in our collateral budgets will be required, but current modeling suggests at most a 15% increase in collateral budgeting. By establishing a policy of random intervention in GOD GAME BLUE, GOD GAME INDIGO, and GOD GAME ULTRAVIOLET instances, hostile threat theoretical modeling will have significant range-of-variation errors, serving as a way to alter black-box operational modeling of this department.

    “Signed by my hand…”

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