Of Interest: Starfighter Inc.

Seen in the referrers, some kind words said here about The Iron Concord.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t link to such things simply to flatter myself – oh, who am I kidding, of course I would – but in this case I’m doing so because in the course of checking out said referrers I have learned about Starfighter Inc., a “hard-science driven, zero-g experience where players can spin, tumble and strafe their way through a gritty frontier universe” that I had somehow previously missed hearing about, which may well be of interest to readers here.

(And since the lead designer, the sayer of said words above, also did mission and story design for the very well regarded X-Wing series, I for one will be keeping an interested eye upon it.)


One thought on “Of Interest: Starfighter Inc.

  1. Well, since the project apparently didn’t get funded, let me recommend simillar, already funded and perhaps a bit more ambitious Infinity: Battlescape: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/infinity-battlescape#/

    Not only realistic physics, but also real-sized procedurally generated planets (well, now they’re mostly just moons, but that should eventually change) you can land on, asteroid rings around planets and capital ships. And you can still pledge on Indiegogo (see the link).

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