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On this day in 2290, Optimal Splay Games of Foiríäs, Ildathach, held a grand party and press event to celebrate the successful completion, by Torys Kularacen, of the first successful in-game voyage carried through from launch to completion in their debut first-ring game, the real-time Relativistic Freighter Simulator, a feat requiring sixty-three months of play over the course of nine years. In the course of the event Kularacen was presented with a platinum-iridium model of the starship he used in the game, as well as a lifetime subscription to future Optimal Splay games. The latter was also presented by way of consolation to Orielle Televaricios, whose competing bid was foiled after forty-three in-game months by a simulated asteroid impact.

Notable Replies

  1. We choose to go to the stars and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because holy shit +100000XP.

  2. I have no idea what broke the comments on this post, but if it happens again it will be caught and shot in short order.

  3. The server resets will continue until downtime improves.

  4. Also, where weirdness of games is concerned:

    Powerwash Simulator, after celebrating over 7 million players, is now to get a SpongeBob SquarePants Special Pack DLC.

    He lives under the fucking sea. There’s nothing to powerwash. And why am I even thinking about this…?

    Square Enix, I salute you.

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