Trope-a-Day: Sonic Stunner/Static Stun Gun

(Sorry, folks, no fic today. We spent much of said day having electrical work done, leaving me separated from the notes and assorted apps which I need to check various important details of the whichness of the whyfore, so…)

Sonic Stunner / Static Stun Gun: Averted the former because the general mixture of different species nervous systems doesn’t play ball, played the latter straight.  Stunners in the Eldraeverse are electrolasers, i.e., electrocuting the stunnee, which still isn’t universal, but comes much closer to it.

They are small and readily concealable, at least as much as a pistol – not so much quiet or low-power, though.  And there is stun sickness, because, well, it’s electrocution – and this does, yes, extend to being unfortunately lethal where people with undetected preexisting conditions are concerned.  “Stunner tag” has its drawbacks.

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