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Vignettes of the Star Empire

(Tales of the Associated Worlds: #1)

[Eldraeverse #1 Cover]

This, my first book, is a collection of over 44,000 words of nanofiction and metafiction – excerpts from works taken from inside the fictional realm – from the Associated Worlds SF universe; little morsels of a world and culture unlike our own.

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AtomicRocketSeal256Vignettes of the Star Empire is a collection of short fiction by Alistair Young, set in his Eldraeverse universe.

The Eldraeverse is a strange and futuristic place, haunted by weakly godlike entities, civilizations that have undergone a Vingian Technological Singularity, and civilizations that are just centimeters away from achieving it. Such a topic in the hands of a lesser author could degenerate into a tiresome confusing mass of disjointed images. But Alistair’s encyclopedic knowledge of math, science, Post Singularity tropes, standard science fiction hypertechnology, and writing skill makes his work a joy to read. They have a lilting satirical tone but are build on a rock-solid foundation of scientific understanding. Sort of like a cross between Greg Egan, Douglas Hofstadter, Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett.

If you like his work, you might consider becoming one of Alistair’s Patreon patrons.”

— Winchell Chung, of Atomic Rockets

The Core War and Other Stories

(Tales of the Associated Worlds: #2)

[Eldraeverse #2 Cover]

War has come to the Associated Worlds! Following on from Vignettes of the Star Empire, this book again collects fiction and metafiction from the Associated Worlds, leading up to the epistolary novella “The Core War”, as tensions between the Worlds and the neighboring Voniensan Republic come to a head.

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Darkness Within and Other Stories

(Tales of the Associated Worlds: #3)

Primarily set after the Core War, this book returns to the style of “Vignettes of the Star Empire”, with more nanofiction from the Associated Worlds, including some of the events following the war in “Aftershocks”, and the multi-part story “Darkness Within”.

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  2. Busy read Vignettes now, will move on to The Core war afterwards. I love it. Funny, charming, complex, very moral and above all, nano. Perfect for the short on time, congentinaly short-attention-spanned like me. Tell me, did you do particle entanglement with Iain Banks?

  3. Having been read and appreciated, these two now proudly sit on my bookshelf next to books by Lois McMaster Bujold and David Weber.

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