Trope-a-Day: Which Restroom Dilemma

Which Restroom Dilemma: While not a scheduled or even listed trope for today, in response to recent annoying news from one of the galaxy’s unenlightened backwaters, the Core Worlds Committee for the Promulgation of Social Virtue and Elegance (CWCPSVE) wishes to inform everyone that in civilized parts of the galaxy, all excretoria are serially private, personal facilities. (And so intrinsically unisex, inasmuch as designed for use by a single sophont concurrently.)

Only outworld savages dump their entropic residues in company, don’t you know?


2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Which Restroom Dilemma

  1. “Only outworld savages dump their entropic residues in company, don’t you know?”

    Every time you give us lines like this, I can’t shake the image of the Eldrae as the stuffy, self-important British gentleman-explorer from Doyle’s “The Lost World” or Haggard’s “King Solomon’s Mines”. Makes me wonder what they do when forced to spend time among such sensibility-offending, dirt-scratching barbarians.

    • Why, tolerate their little quirks, befriend them, and then use devious underhanded memetic manipulations to reform them into more civilized chaps without actually having to crassly bring the matter up, of course. What else is a gentlesoph to do?

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