Trope-a-Day: Kaleidoscope Hair

Kaleidoscope Hair: As was mentioned back under You Gotta Have Blue Hair, there is a certain shampoo which is specifically designed, via hair-clinging nanites, to let your turn your hair into an active LCD display surface. (For a week or two until it starts wearing off, although you may get a few dead pixels before then.) Or, for those with more permanent ideas, the implanted-nanogene version of the above that you don’t need to renew. These allow you to have very impressive Kaleidoscope Hair indeed – heck, you can even run fractal screensavers or actual video clips on it if you like.

And if you’re just looking for a reliable way to create this effect, regardless of what wind or in-flight airstream or other sources of disarrangement might do…


(I would thank Hasbro for letting me borrow Rainbow Dash to illustrate my point, but honestly, I’m just counting on them not caring that much.)

…then you can have it.