Trope-a-Day: Clone Army

Clone Army: Just… don’t.

In its simplest form, where you’re just using cloning technology to replicate military-grade bodies as quickly as you can, it may be valuable. It won’t help you with absolute growth rates, since the expensive part is growing the minds to put in the bodies which is much harder to rush, but if you have noetic backup technology at least you can get your casualties back into the field faster.

If you are actually attempting to run what is functionally a non-divergent fork army, however, this will fail dramatically as soon as anyone notices – because, gee, do you think having your entire army react in the same way to every situation and stimulus might just open up a few security holes?

If you’re really lucky, this won’t get everyone killed.

2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Clone Army

  1. I wonder, has any particularly ambitious (and cheap) tried to work around the problem by growing essentially bioroids (Ie, the biological answer to the drone armies of star wars). Something like what the field asset repurposing ravens put together but grown to purpose with a sufficiently dim but trainable brain (ie, slightly better than monkey with a gun).

    Not that this makes them any more ethical or safer really for reasons you already mentioned in post, but it SEEMS to get around those problems enough that I could see a more bio-technically inclined Illtine Union trying it.

    I mean who wouldn’t want vat mooks?

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