Weighed in the Balance Sheet

“There is one thing that comes before the Fundamental Contract. That thing is theĀ Fundamental Ledger. Before your first breath, before your first thought – even as your mind coalesces out of chaos, long before you can know your own nature as a sophont, its bindings are sewn and its pages cut, their pages empty, snow-white and pristine.

“As it must be, for without choice, there can be no obligation, and without existence, there can be no choice. New-made and yet unchoosing, free of all ties that bind, you owe the world nothing, as it owes nothing to you.

“But all through your life, your every action fills it. Black, and red. Credit, and debit. Profit, and loss. Every deed is recorded in full measure: no trick of manipulation, nor guised externality, nor immaterial value, escapes the view of the Hidden Cog or His Market’s Eyes.

“And at the end of infinite time, when all books are tallied and the accounts finally closed out, this is how you will be judged:

“Have you created value, or merely consumed it?

“In the universal accounting, were you an asset… or a liability?”

the Book of Covalan, Commentaries & Sermons


5 thoughts on “Weighed in the Balance Sheet

  1. This puts the centrality of obligation and balance into a clear light, that it does. The light of the Flame, even, if I were to read into things a bit?

  2. So who (or what) actually handles the accounting to make sure all the books are balanced against one another?

    • That would be the Fourth Aspect of the eikone Covalan, which manifests as a Celestial Auditor.

      (Who of course does this in much the same sense as Anubis weighs people’s hearts against the feather of truth. It’s a theological metaphor and should be interpreted as such.)

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