Well, the start-of-month postings were delayed somewhat by our delightful Internet outage. (Turns out the cable was unplugged at the pole, which has a variety of explanations, all of them either bizarre or reflecting terrifying incompetence. This shit should not fly in the cloud-dependent 21st century, people!)

But things are back on now, and normal service should be resumed once I catch up with the day-job work missed during said outage.

Meanwhile, to put some actual content in the post, here’s an interesting article concerning the Finnish UBI experiment. Hypothetical reasons why the Citizen’s Dividend is a useful function: confirmed!


2 thoughts on “Outage

  1. Ouch! Glad you finally got that sorted out. As someone who’s been quite heavily slammed at work myself lately, I can sympathize.

  2. My house was internetless recently, due to someone (who would probably have to be a telecoms engineer) unplugging a crucial connection in the street cabinet leaving me with a phone line but no DSL. On the bright side, this particular problem was quickly remedied by another engineer who could just plug me back in, and did so only a few hours after I raised the fault report. Weaknesses in the system can sometimes work in your favor…

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