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This is an EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY alert for all residents of the Greater Cestian continent and proximal regions.

This is a QUARANTINE ADVISORY. The Office of Disease and Toxin Control, Prevention, and Elimination has issued a LEVEL 3 (EPIDEMIC) CONTAGIOUS DISEASE WARNING covering the specified region, regarding the novel cytomegalovirus classified as VVAR-1472-B.

All individuals within the region should take appropriate infection control precautions (including but not limited to self-isolation, use of autodiagnosis kiosks for self-diagnosis, use of healing vats for self-treatment, marking of infected volumes, use of telepresence and remote proxies to avoid contact with others, use of bionano containment suits or other appropriate protective equipment during necessary travel, and routine sanitation of all surfaces). It is requested that use of out-home medical facilities be avoided without specific instructions to maintain available capacity for acute cases.

All businesses and other branches within the region should execute their own quarantine advisory response protocols.

While the Emergency Management Authority does not have the authority to enforce quarantines of this type upon Imperial citizen-shareholders, all should be advised that failure to take appropriate infection control precautions may be a matter of interest to one’s tort insurer; may give rise to actions at law seeking compensation for negligence or criminal charges for reckless endangerment, arson, or pathogenic battery; or may, in extreme cases, permit actions to be taken under the Right of Defense. Consult the Codex of Civic Services and Citizen Responsibilities, 124th edition, for further information.

All citizen-shareholders are thanked for their cooperation.


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  1. The rest I can understand, but how does arson apply? Someone going overboard with flame-sterilisation and saying the plaguebearer forced it?

  2. Perils of a rationalized legal system. It started out as meaning only fire, but in the current Imperial legal code, arson is defined as The volitional creation of a fire, water, or other hazard, regardless of its nature, causing the destruction of property and/or danger or harm to sophont life.

    Inasmuch as fire isn’t the only spreading hazard that someone can maliciously whip up, belike. And if you go around creating plague hazards…

  3. Avatar for ahd ahd says:

    …so there exist diseases nasty enough to smash through an alpha baseline eldrae’s intrinsic immune systems?

    What? How?

  4. I mean, blooms and hegemonising swarms are good examples of “diseases” that can rip through immune systems like wet tissue paper, so I’m not that surprised that there are much milder but still serious versions floating around somewhere

  5. Check the date. :smiley:

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