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  1. The Flood is basically a hegemonizing swarm with a biotech substrate, rather than the more common nanotech or infotech. In fact, it is quite inefficient at dealing with infotech countermeasures — it had to seduce Mendicant Bias into switching sides. And AFAICT it has no means of infecting silicon-based lifeforms. I am sure the Empire has plans for dealing with heggie swarms, though likely not for one with the precise parameters of the Flood.

    My guess? Start with blockade and quarantine, which is much easier for a stargate plexus than for slipstream. That’s only a delaying tactic, but it’s more than enough breathing room to build a sterilization fleet with galari crew, drone waldoes, and extensors for the Transcend. The Empire’s not going to send a single military AI to do a distributed archai’s work.

  2. Shoot it. A lot.

    (It’s a classic.)

  3. Well, now.

    My knowledge of Halo lore is relatively recent, but I would take a moment to note that the Flood/Precursors there don’t have full mastery of ontotech, because full mastery of ontotech is a magic “I win” button.

  4. You may, however, not want to let the Fifth Directorate and ONI compare notes.

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