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The air whirred when she stepped into the room.

That wasn’t all that unusual. Lots of bravos would spin a sphere or two around their heads as an impromptu weapon or threat display. Some of the more dangerous ones could manage three, with a coin-flip chance on whether what made them dangerous was the odds of them losing their grip on the third.

She had twelve.

Not sharing a track, either, like an idiot’s shotgun. She had them spinning at different angles, weaving in and out of intersecting orbits, in what was on one hand a breathtaking display of psychokinetic prowess, and on the other hand was a blatant statement that she could kill everyone in the bar between one breath and the next.

Cocky bastard, thought I. Then again, I bought her a drink.

Notable Replies

  1. And then she uses a sphere to pick up the drink

    EDIT: Does this lady happen to own a flame cannon, by any chance?

  2. When he says “spheres”, what he means are what would be called ball bearings if anyone had figured to use 'em in bearings yet.

    Steel pellet PKed to through the face is ouch.

  3. Well, all the more impressive when she balances the glass on top of one.

  4. Ball bearings are the ideal projectile for this scenario, you probably can’t control the orientation of the projectile so if you use a sphere you’ll always have consistent aerodynamic properties. Super-small spheres would quickly decelerate the moment they hit flesh, if it hit you in the eye you might lose your sight but that’s about it. Big spheres could hold more kinetic energy but are less penetrating, their larger curve means they aren’t as “sharp” as smaller spheres. If you get hit in the eye with one you might lose it but the ball wouldn’t penetrate, your skull would absorb the damage (albeit with a lot of fractures). If someone throws a ball bearing sized sphere at your eye it penetrates the eye, breaks through the relatively thin bone behind the eye, and ventilates you brain.

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