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My muse has been… somewhat cranky and uncooperative recently. (As those of you who have subscribed to my works know, and for which I apologize, but you will still get your full purchase, that I guarantee.). My own fault, really – been allowing too many external things to get in the way of writing. And so, consequentially, now I’ve got a bunch of those out of the way, I could use something to jar my creative brain out of its rut.

So, here’s a thought. Prompt me.

It’s a big galaxy out there, with all sorts of people and any number of things going on all over the place. So, gentle readers, I’m going to take suggestions as to where and what you’d like to see next. Drop me a keyword, a theme, a scenario seed, and I’ll spin something story-like around it for you.

I await your suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Prompt Me

  1. I’ll give you more than one!

    1. Scenario: Stuck on an empty street in a foreign country with no idea where one is.
    2. Keyword: Empty Spaces
    3. Phrase: “I had never been so sick in my life…”
    4. Three words to include in the story: computer, sky, bricks
    5. Setting: Empty coffee cup, staring out the window of a krispy kreme on a rainy day.

    Hope these help!

  2. Scenario: You wake up one morning, and all of the green traffic lights are blue. Nobody else in the world notices the difference, and when you remark upon it to someone, they just look at you like you’re crazy. Because the lights have never been green, they say. They’ve always been blue.

  3. I want to know about the time when the Eldraeic Empire came the closest to destruction.

    What was the nature of the event? Was it a brief incident or a long, drawn out crisis? Was the threat brought about by an external actor or a self-inflicted problem? How did the Empire respond to this crisis? What measures were taken to reduce the likelihood of its re occurrence? What long term effects did this have on the culture of the Empire?

    (I have the sneaking suspicion this one will get answered in the form of the equivalent of a first year university student’s history essay)

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