Trope-a-Day: Least Common Skin Tone

Least Common Skin Tone: Firstly, there are no humans.  Second, if they ever make a live-action version of the Eldraeverse, just to make sure that all the other special-effect characteristics don’t get ignored in pointing out, y’know, only very distantly related to humans as we know them, they’re going to have to cast people who actually are white in the very-rare-skin-tone sense, which is to say, not pink, capisce?  (Well, okay, not chalk-white, but actually, seriously pale, y’know?  My mental casting file for The Big Damn Movie is thus single-digit short, even before little requirements like special effects handling, oh, adding one to two feet in height to everyone, say, never mind ability to carry off the attitude.)

(As well as, y’know, green, blue, gold, bronze, heliotrope, furry, scaled, and MADE OF ROCK, because why, why, why in the name of sanity does every alien planet in TV SF duplicate Earth’s racial demographics exactly.  Yeah, casting, I know.  Arse.)