Trope-a-Day: Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship: As mentioned under Escape Pod, only occasionally useful in the physical sense due to the lack of places the escape pods could take you, given their delta-v constraints – nor are they likely to have enough delta-V to correct a sunward plummet, or other highly inadvisable course – and the likelihood that if something is going to explode badly enough to destroy the hulk, it’ll catch any conceivable pod-launch in the blast, too.

No, abandoning ship is something done by mindcasting Рi.e., transmitting the minds of everyone on the ship somewhere else (some vessels carry a passel of emergency tangle for exactly this purpose).  The copy of you left on the ship gets to go down with it Рand, actually, in more than a few cases, that the copying nature of mindcasting lets you both abandon your ship and go down with it at the same time is seen as a positive advantage, even if dying liners exercising this option prefer to break out a round of euthanasia pills for the passengers, at least.