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So, with regard to the Age of Flavor and other similar things – well, you’ll notice I used a couple of untranslated Eldraeic words in there (for lack of a directly analogous English concept, and for, as it were, flavor).  In general, am I making the right assumptions, here, that everyone is comfortable just grokking the meanings of hasérúr and hasérmuas and how they relate to one another from context, or would people prefer to have those footnoted when they occur?


One thought on “Writing Style Query

  1. I’m going to make a request, fully aware of what a lazy, entitled ass it makes me sound like. I’m going to state my reasons why I think it’s a good idea.

    Namely, I feel that footnoting doesn’t go far enough. Untranslated words should include their own glossary article, even if it is just a couple of sentences. Preferably with the first instance of each particular word hyperlinked. (Yes, I am that lazy)

    I’m aware this is asking a lot. But if you’re going to make a conlang for a culture so thoroughly alien that it includes words for concepts which can’t be properly glossed to English, then let’s get the glossary organised early in order to save you a whole lot of effort later on. It will save a great deal of wear to your face and palm in terms of incorrect fan interpretations later on.

    As a plus, these glossary entries will make excellent fodder for “Oh bugger, I can’t think of an article” days, or “screw this, I really just want to write something short and easy today” days.

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