Trope-a-Day: Applied Phlebotinum

yeah, no.

Seriously, I’m imagining thousands of years of technological development, here, and the parts which correspond to the technological development of Terrans is rather, ah, variant – starting with the early use of nuclear energy in place of fossil fuels, the substitution of ceramics and composites for plastics, and so forth, and ending with the way in which the Babbage-equivalent actually got to build his engine, which then became a ubiquitous mechanical computing device under the name of the Stannic cogitator. ¬†And that’s before we get into any of the variant physics.

A list of applied phlebotinium would be very long and shorn of context, and therefore about as dull to read about as to write about.

Let’s just let it come up naturally in the other tropes and the actual writing.

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