And Stay Out

Public Exclusions Citizen Oversight Group to Melqar Riffym, greetings.

Citizen-Shareholder Riffym,

We at the Public Exclusions COG have been monitoring your reputation and meta-reputation scores (underlying data provided by the Exuberance Monitor COG [link]) for some time now.  Are you aware, citizen-shareholder, that your amalgamated meta-reputation score is one of the lowest on current active record, at -10.337 on the normalized-logarithmic rating scale?

Chief contributors to this low amalgamated meta-rep score are your reputation scores with the Anteion Benevolent Circle (-10.412), with the Mer Dinévál Righteous Enforcers of Social Propriety (-10.543), with the Merchane Ethics Commission (-10.346), with Gallantry’s Garden (-10.912), and our analysts were particularly unimpressed by your score with the Dataweave Vituperation Index (-11.901).

To paraphrase, sir, you are a crooked, obnoxious, vituperative blight upon Imperial society and the Worlds in general, and under our commission from the Plurality, we would like to cordially invite you to be so elsewhere.

The sum of 125,000 esteyn has been placed in contractual sequester for you with the Seranth Merchancy Bank, these funds to be released on presentation of:

(a) formal documentation indicating that you have renounced your Imperial citizen-shareholdership;

(b) an operative smart-contract in which you agree to depart the Imperial territorial volume henceforth and agree not to re-enter the Imperial territorial volume for a period not less than 864 years;

(c) a transportation ticket valid for departure from the Imperial territorial volume.

As is our customary practice, details of our offer and the reasoning behind it has been posted to our public notification channel, which is made freely available for hortatory purposes.

Signed and authenticated,

Rienne Lyris-ith-Larynath Vévelestréy for and on behalf of

Public Exclusions COG

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  3. Quite possibly the most eloquent way I’ve seen for a community to tell a pain-in-the-arse member to go bugger to the moon. (Or in this case, some [b]other[/b] moon, way over [i]there[/i].

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