Making Your Troubles Have Troubles With You

Wolfhound Emancipations, ICC, to Brelyne Athanath-ith-Riatha, greetings.

Citizen-Shareholder Athanath-ith-Riatha,

Thank you for your interest in the travel insurance and protection services we provide.

Here at Wolfhound, we can provide you with the standard medical, tort, and repatriation coverage you expect as a matter of course from your travel coverage provider, through our bilateral arrangement with Consolidated Mutual Mitigation & Surety, or our policies can be purchased as a supplement to most other travel coverage on the market.

But this type of coverage isn’t what Wolfhound is about.  Founded by Ríëgh Oúkharr after spending over 300 years exercising his nose for trouble in the PPL industry, Wolfhound exists to bring the PPL business model into the foreign travel arena, providing the protection you need most – protection from would-be protectors.

Wishful thinking aside, there are large regions of the Associated Worlds that are not civilized space in the way that you or I would mean it. Many local law enforcement instrumentalities do not perform up to the high standards of competence or with the guarantees of rights, fair treatment, and objective law we demand from the Watch Constabulary and Warden-Bastion PPLs.  Others embrace corruption and politics as modus operandi, and some are little more than state-paid thugs.

Worse, many polities operate under legal systems which do not recognize the inherent rights of sophonts and their natural corollaries, including the right to defend the life and property of both yourself and your fellows.  It is, we believe, unreasonable to expect an Imperial citizen-shareholder to meekly submit to criminal outrages, or to stand idly by and permit them to be perpetrated against others.  (Last year, over half of our active cases involved our clients intervening to prevent the perpetration of violence and robbery by locals, against locals.)

In such cases, Wolfhound rapid-response forces exist to, when alerted by you or by our monitoring systems, extract you as quickly and with as little collateral damage as possible from the hands of the local authorities, and return you to Imperial jurisdiction.

(It must go without saying that Wolfhound does not exist to permit you to ignore all local laws, regardless of how unreasonable they may be; only those which are direct outrages against sophont rights or administered by agencies known to be partial in their administration of justice.  Further, Wolfhound requires its clients to agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Curial courts in extradition or external cases, and makes its records available to the Curia for this purpose.)

I have enclosed for your perusal a full brochure giving full details of our services, methods, available types of response and of monitoring during your travels, and, of course, our rates for individual, family, and corporate purchasers.

On behalf of all of us here, I wish you safe travels, and look forward to welcoming you and yours to the Wolfhound client family.

Signed and authenticated,

Ghúrr Oúkharr, VP Sales, for and on behalf of,

Wolfhound Emancipations, ICC

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