Trope-a-Day: No One Gets Left Behind

No One Gets Left Behind: The Empire makes – and made even in the days before the Transcend, which is to say, before it would be like leaving part of yourself behind – a really, really big deal out of this, and is often quite comfortable about taking a fairly generous definition of who qualifies as one of no-one.

And not just in the military, either.  The Imperials make a point of ensuring that no Imperial citizen-shareholder will ever be left behind, anywhere, or at the very least, will always be returned for (see, for one example, Mugging the Monster).  And anything that gets in the way had best be prepared to get out of it, or be crushed underfoot.

Of course, getting their vector stack out of there (or even just their mind-state, by transmission) is generally good enough.

The flip side, of course, of No One Gets Left Behind is that the Empire very much prefers to clean up its own mess when any of its citizens commit what they think of as actual crimes and such abroad.  (Leading, often enough, to the rare sight of a government trying to extradite one of its citizens so that it can punish them more severely than the local governance would have – after all, they have to protect the premium brand which is Imperial citizen-shareholdership, which they will not be doing by letting the unscrupulous use it as a means to get away with abusing the locals in the outworlds.)