The Education Proper to a Lady

Vivíré Calaris-ith-Calcithien, Breysvard Young Ladies’ Academy, to Jynel Cerron-ith-Cerron, greetings.

Citizen-Intendant Cerron-ith-Cerron,

Thank you for your enquiry, received this Calenmot 11 instant.  I am delighted that you are considering the Breysvard Young Ladies’ Academy for your further education, and am confident, based on the information included with your enquiry, that I would be able to offer you a place here.

Located in the heights of the Skyraker Mountains, Breysvard Young Ladies’ Academy offers a unique and isolated learning environment.  We have, I may say, a deserved reputation for educating the daughters of the Great Houses, earned over four millennia of upholding the Academy’s traditions, and properly reflected in our many highly successful alumnae.

All of our students leave fully educated in all the fields tradition holds as vital for the ambitious woman setting out to make her mark in the world, including recognized first-ring certification in logic, mathematics, business, finance, the domestic arts, engineering, ethics and civics, fine arts, history, literature, natural philosophy, and the martial arts, in addition to our traditional emphasis on the gentle arts of the meressif appropriate for those who expect to walk among the Names, Numbers and Novas, as so many of our graduates go on to do; etiquette and protocol of the Empire and Associated Worlds, formal presentation, grace, and elegance.  As the motto of the academy, Alath ap Aelva, suggests, we believe that both wisdom and beauty are necessary for a complete sophont, and we take no half-measures in the development of either.

Of course, selections may be made within these general areas, and additional courses may be added, as you wish, to customize your studies based on your future plans or interests.

As you indicated that you would be planning to begin your studies in the coming year, it may interest you to know that visiting masters for your year would include Rúhkef Haghárr, former chef de cuisine at the acclaimed High Orbit restaurant; mor-Tanak Estirek, a Blooded Gunmaster who previously served with the 11th Legion; Academician <Cobalt Quartet in C>, who holds the Chair of Pure Ontology at the University of Almeä; and Cessír Claves-ith-Estenv, who is both a former principal designer at Aelaviel High Fashion and the Octarthius Professor of Megastructural Engineering at the University of Calmirie, and will be teaching in both areas of expertise during her time with us.

I also saw from your enquiry that you are contemplating an initial career in law enforcement and/or security services.  Breysvard Young Ladies’ Academy is one of a very few select institutions with the capability to offer education in the use of combat exoskeletons and other heavy weapons systems as part of our martial arts course.

I have enclosed further information on the Academy and the courses we offer with this letter, and hope that we may look forward to seeing you in the coming year.

Vivíré Calaris-ith-Calcithien,
dominie, Breysvard Young Ladies’ Academy

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