Trope-a-Day: Cool Starship

Cool Starship: Basically, see Cool Chair, only slightly less prevalent due to starships being more expensive.  And, in fairness, most starships are functional things.

But there are a lot of custom jobs floating around there.  But of particular note, probably, are the Celerissima-class yachts, the smallest and least practical lighthuggers ever made for meat intelligences; the God of War, as mentioned under Deus Est Machina; and Sovereign of Stars, largest of the Imperial Primes, which is basically a medium-sized palace and its grounds fitted out with life support, engines, and other spacegoing appurtenances.

2 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Cool Starship

    • Oh, they do exist. (Although the variant which is not itself capable of planetary landings, but which instead carries a cutter or a small gig capable of doubling as both a commutersphere and an on-planet flitter, is somewhat more common.) There’s just so many of these Executive Space Vehicles about the place that they don’t really count for the purposes of this trope unless there’s something in particular special about ’em!

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