Trope-a-Day: Dissonant Serenity

Dissonant Serenity: Actually very common among Imperials, for two reasons.  First, the standard modification to the epinephrine system to make it promote rather than suppress higher-level prefrontal/frontal brain functions, on the grounds that most disasters, crises and battles one runs into in the modern world require more advanced problem-solving routines than “run away/hit it with a stick”; and second, the emotional-control response triggered in the artificial part of the brain by any off-the-shelf set of crisis-management routines, never mind a full battle program suite, because that works so much better than getting all frothy-brained.

As such, walking through crises and disasters and battles in a calm, rational, and yes, serene manner is a positive trademark of these chaps.  And they have – despite the usual lamentable tendency to melodrama – some of the coldest rages you can imagine.  (Do not confuse a sense of the dramatically appropriate for emotional compromise.  That never works out well.)

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