But Do They Smell As Sweet?

“There are two kinds of black plants that you’ll commonly see in your travels.  The first evolved on the worlds of ember stars, where the primary’s light is relatively dim and much of it in the low-energy red and infrared parts of the spectrum, and so the plants need to pull in all of it that they can.

“And then there’s the kind that aren’t plants at all, but solar-powered nanosources and nanohives designed to fit in with your landscaping, the sort of thing used by people who like no-maintenance gardens – or concealed security.

“That might not have been the reason that my client chose to keep his estate in the twilight band of Tithly Minor, but it was enough to make the next part of the job pleasantly complicated.”

– “Assets to Absence”, the memoirs of Annareth Koiric-ith-Koiric, asset relocator