Glory is Recklessness Leavened with Success

The freelance adventurer (and his cousins, such as the curiosity-ridden weirdseeker), that product of societies with more wealth and capability than anything resembling sense, is a magnet for trouble, a fountain of disturbance, a contagion of confusion, and a blight upon all settled states of affairs and those enjoying them.

In fairness to them, they are famous for fighting valiantly to liberate the oppressed, avenge the wronged, help the distressed, and solve any problems they happen across in their wanderings that – in their eyes – seem to need it.  In fairness to everyone else, they are infamous for interfering on a whim in the affairs of others, picking up unconsidered trifles along their way, unearthing things best left buried, and flying off into the stars leaving chaos in their wake after the liberating, avenging, helping, and solving is done – and, of course, spending and wagering freely, taking unwise dares, getting blind drunk anywhere from the highest spires to the filthiest dives, and flirting shamelessly with everyone they find attractive all the while.

A less welcome export of those societies, perhaps, but they do keep life in the Worlds interesting.

Albeit in a manner best enjoyed, for most of us, on the printed page.

– introduction to Of Fire and Lightning, Ambría Calanté

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